2019 Republican Planning & Zoning Candidates

Evolving Tolland
With changing times, we believe Tolland must focus on becoming a sustainable community. By partnering our prime location with the current housing and business trends, we will work to provide our town with new and exciting opportunities for residential and community development. We can achieve this with targeted growth in our commercial district while preserving our small town charm and our commitment to natural resources.

Simplifying Zoning

We will review and amend current zoning regulations to remove administrative hurdles. This will make the approval process more efficient and easier to navigate for new or expanding businesses and homeowners seeking to make changes.

Community Ties
As active volunteers, local business owners, and long-time residents, we are passionate about both Tolland’s past and its future. Through our engaged involvement in town, we have seen the changes which Tolland has experienced, understand the changes still needed, and are committed to moving Tolland forward in a way that benefits all residents.