TRTC Membership

The Tolland Republican Town Committee is comprised of 35 registered, active Republicans who reside in Tolland.

Come join our monthly meetings every second Thursday of the month at 7pm. Check our Facebook page for updated locations, or email us for information.

Executive Committee

Lisa Burns – Chair
Tammy Nuccio – Vice Chair
Tony Holt – Treasurer
Kurt Schenher – Secretary


Robert Abbate

Len Bach

Sam Belsito

Renie Besaw

William Bode

Diana Bump

Lisa Burns

Nate Carlson

Stephen Caron

Steve Clark Jr.

Jon Crickmore

Susan Erickson

Mark Gill

Deb Goetz

Robert Green

Christine Griffin

Tony Holt

Samantha Keenan

Lou Luba

Ashley Lundgren

Jacob Marie

Joe Matteis

Claudette Morehouse

Tammy Nuccio

Mike Pacuzzi

Christina Plourd

Andy Powell

John Reagan

Paul Reynolds

Laura Roberts

Kurt Schender

Chris Skinner

Ben Stanford

Arden Tanner

Becky Tanner

Cassandra York

Mike Pennington