View our recent Town Council debate closing statement by incumbent Tammy Nuccio

2019 Republican Town Council Slate

As Town Council members we are committed to transparent, actively engaged governance. To us, transparency means dissemination of useful information in a way that is relevant and understandable to our citizens. As town council members, we will work to proactively identify opportunities for savings and efficiencies at the local level and be responsive to our community needs.

Through collaboration with our State Representatives, we will continue to advocate for Tolland by keeping our unique challenges at the forefront of our elected officials’ agendas. By partnering with all our local boards, we will work to maximise the value of services available to all of our residents.

Responsible Growth
Tolland is open for business and we are willing to invest in our growth by working to simplify the path for new development. We welcome the opportunity to broaden our tax base by adding diversified business and residential opportunities.